Kodak Max 400 Minolta X-700 50mm MD Lens EX+

Kodak Max 400
Minolta X-700

50mm MD Lens EX+

It's safe to say my biggest muse in the past 3 years of shooting photography (other than my beautiful and talented girlfriend Kimmie Nguyen) has been my friend and fellow co-worker Bradley W. Johnson.

Bradley has the unique ability to adapt to any situation when behind a lens. When we first started our "Rain Man" portrait series, it was a way for us to learn more from each other and become better friends. While that series was limited to only when it rained in D.C. and only shot through an iPhone - it was when I began shooting with film that the photos we took together became remarkable.

I always joke with everyone that I have more photos of Bradley than my own girlfriend but it's true. Some of my greatest photos that I've taken have been with his involvement. These two photos are from my first "successful" roll of film that I bought and developed that featured him. The title "I Never Said That I Was Brave" is from one of my favorite EP's from Philadelphia band mewithoutYou.

While my time here in D.C. is slowly coming to an end (10 more months), I will make sure to take more photos of Bradley to document the progression of not only my film photography but our friendship.